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  • What is Trekking?
    Trekking is a recreational outdoor activity where individuals hike through natural landscapes, typically in mountainous or wilderness areas, enjoying the beauty of nature while challenging themselves physically.
  • What is Scuba?
    Scuba diving is an underwater activity that involves using a self-contained breathing apparatus to explore marine environments, allowing divers to observe aquatic life and underwater landscapes.
  • What are the refund and cancellation options?
    The Refund of the amount will be processed as per the deduction guidelines outlined below: Cancellations up to 30 days prior to departure date - 5% deduction Between 30 days to 15 days prior to departure - 50% deduction Less than 15 days of departure - No Cash Refund​ For more - Refund Policy
  • ​How do I contact HackMyAdventure?
    You can contact HackMyAdventure through various methods. Here are a few options: Email: You can send an email to account@hackmyadventure to get in touch with our team WhatsApp: You can reach us on WhatsApp at 7827943207 Phone Call: Call our customer support at 7827943207 Contact Form: Please find our contact form below and fill it out
  • How do I book ?
    Navigate to the "Book Now" page. Choose the adventure or experience you want from the available options. Select the date and time for your adventure, if applicable. Provide any required information, such as the number of participants, contact details, Review the booking details to ensure accuracy. Proceed to the payment and complete the booking by entering your payment information. Once the payment is confirmed, you should receive a confirmation email or receipt.
  • What is paragliding ?
    Paragliding is an adventure sport that involves flying a lightweight, non-motorized glider. Pilots launch from high points and glide gracefully, using wind currents to stay aloft and enjoy aerial views.
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